Grounding on Earth Day

January 26, 2022

Earth Day reminds you to stay grounded. To get grounded.

Sometimes just connecting your body to our beautiful earth can help you feel an overwhelming sense of groundedness, and I think we all can use a little more grounding in this time.

Other easy ways to ground yourself:

  • Breathe in fresh air
  • Meditate overlooking green grass, trees or a beautiful view
  • Eat more root vegetables
  • Lean on a tree, read under a tree [maybe even hug one!]
  • Garden or do yard work – no garden? grow your own herbs!
  • Read a physical book [outside!]
  • Listen to the birds chirp in the morning
  • Sit in child’s pose with your forehead, palms and shins all grounded
  • Move your exercise to the outdoors – a walk, a flow, whatever!

May you feel grounded, peaceful, and humbled today.

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