I am Connected

January 26, 2022

So often we want to disconnect, but this week, I am doing the opposite. My mantra read: I am connected

I am connected to myself. I am learning more about myself every day. I am discovering my desires, my dislikes, what brings me joy, what brings me peace, what makes me anxious.

I am connected to others. I am calling others more often. I find myself reaching out more. I am seeing others for distanced walks or via facetime, and I am inquiring more with a goal to learn more about others.

I have removed any blockages. Blockages such as barriers or hindering that get in the way. This allows myself to connect with myself & with others on a deeper level.

This sounds like something we always do, but now I am encouraging it even more. As we move through life, do you ever ask yourself, “hey me, how am I feeling?” Do you ever ask others how they’re feeling? How they’re handling x, y or z?

For action:

Think about the word connection.

Ask yourself: what does it mean to connect with yourself?

Say the answer out loud, or write it down.

Ask yourself: what does it mean to connect with others?

Say the answer our loud, or write it down.

Just 5 minutes alone can help you connect with yourself and learn so much.

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