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Meet Jordan

It’s my dream and goal to design workouts that take you through your own individual journey to reach whatever target you are aiming at - big or small, these classes will help you move through whatever s$*t you’ve got going on - mentally & physically, so you feel great after.

Born and bred in Buffalo Grove, I moved out to New York City for 5 years, only to return home to Chicago in 2017. Teaching group fitness has become my greatest joy, and I am honored, and humbled that I am able to teach day after day. While my teaching style has changed and grown over the years, I love a strong, powerful flow. I recognize that while bodies need to move & gain strength, they also need rest, release & restoration.

I currently hold a full time job as the Marketing Manager with Raden Wellness, a progressive, functional medicine center in Chicago. Believing in the brand that I work for is extremely important to me.

When I’m not teaching or working, I love hanging out with my pup, Jakey, my friends, my family, getting some relaxation in, and may do a little online [budget] shopping here and there.


NASM Behavior Change Specialist

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Corepower Yoga



Currently Studying For:

Yoga Nidra Training via Soul n Steady

Barre Eclipse Certification

Dara E

Jordan is a really great teacher - especially for sculpt! Her energy is fire and the class keeps moving, so i lose track of time, and then all of the sudden I realize 45 minutes went by and we're done! i always feel great after classes, and confident that i got a great workout in

While teaching has become my biggest joy, I am currently building the business plan to open a studio in Chicago that encompasses everything The Arrow Methid embodies.

Looking to the Future