A Self Reflection: Getting to Know Me

January 26, 2022

Have you checked in on you? This week, I encouraged myself to go deeper, and to find that inner fire. To find the inner soul that fuels me. Now, I only spent a week starting to do the work, but as I round out this week, I think – how am I doing? Have I checked on on me?

It’s really interesting how often we forget about our own selves. We’re so inundated with news, food, other peoples emotions that we forget to take care of number 1 – YOU.

Each day this week, I sat with my feelings. I expressed my feelings – whether via journal or self talk. I actually had conversations with myself asking “How are you today”. Sometimes, my emotions were strong, were joyous. Other times, my emotions were weak, and were ones of sadness. I worked through these through movement, self expression, talking to others.

Truly, this is a practice. This is the beginning of something, and I will continue to do and work on. I will continue to get to know myself – asking the deeper questions, and continuing to check in.

So you may think, what did you notice? During this time, I had major fluxes of emotions. Some days I was happy and ready to take on the day, working out was easy and I laughed a lot. Other days, I was sad. frustrated, confused at why this was all happening. The conclusions: emotions are taking me on a ride like a roller coaster of ups & downs, but I’m not faulting myself for that. I’m realizing – it’s normal.

As I round out this self discovery week, I encourage you to look back and examine your week & dig in to the how the moments, the conversations, the people, how these things made you feel, and even how you were feeling during it.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you workout this week? How did that make you feel?
  • Did you journal this week? Re-read your journals and add to them how you’re feeling looking back at them.
  • Did you call friends this week? Did it uplift you? What did you hope to bring to them?
  • Did you cook? bake? did you enjoy it? truly?

Write, Think. Observe.

Most important, be honest.

A simple note to self: you’re too important to forget about.

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