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Rise & Flow

Saturday, october 23 | 10am
hopsmith gold coast | $30

one breath at a time

fall into fitness

Saturday, october 16 | 10am
fatpour wicker park | $30

Get ready to burn, and have a blast while doing it! Sculpt combines low impact, high intensity movements that fuse yoga with hand weights. Class is driven by upbeat music to work the full body. You will strengthen, tone and challenge yourself, all while focusing on your breath to guide you when it gets just a little tougher. No weights? No problem - class will still make ya sweat!

Sculpt Progression

Take the time to release, lengthen and stretch the muscles you’ve worked at for over and over again. These classes hold poses for longer periods of time to allow you to release any tension, or tightness you may be holding on to, without even realizing. These slower, soothing classes will focus on healing, and releasing while stimulating breath and mindfulness.

Shift & Stretch

Let us take you on a journey. Flow through various poses and thoughtful sequences to connect deeper to your own self. Using a more athletic approach to yoga, classes will leave you feeling energized, invigorated and ready to move forward with whatever comes your way.

Power Flow

I can tell you went above and beyond to find unique moves, which worked really well. The moves you picked were attainable but non-typical. Your pace is always perfect, in flow and in sculpt, there was no point that I was bored or class lagged.

Daniele P

Can’t make it LIVE? You can still reach your target.

Check out the on-demand library for yoga, sculpt, bodyweight and more ways to move.