The Easiest Matcha Faux Latte

January 24, 2022

When it comes to coffee, so many people rush out the door and claim they do not have the time to make coffee in the morning; or maybe it’s the convenience, the lack of tools – whatever it may be, it’s time to ditch the reasons why NOT to make your morning drink, and start playing around in your kitchen! Today, I’m sharing the easiest, no tools necessary, matcha “faux-latte”!



  • Add your matcha to your mug
  • At the same time, place your water in a small teapot to boil; once complete, place in a small bowl
  • Place your nut milk in a small pot, bring to a boil; once complete, place in a small bowl
  • Once both liquids are heated, add liquids to your mug to mix with matcha
  • While liquids and matcha mix, add in coconut oil & stir until fully melted and mixed
  • Let the matcha sit for 1-2 minutes to soak in the goodness
  • Sprinkle on cinnamon
  • ENJOY!

Quick Recipe Notes:

  • If you have an at-home frother, it’s recommend to froth your milk before; this is what makes the latte a latte – but even without a frother, you get some good yummy taste!
  • The latte doesn’t need sweetener, but to some, matcha can be overpowering!
  • Insider tip: heat up your mug prior to keep the beverage warmer, longer!
  • Coconut oil adds a nice fat to keep you fuller, longer

This “faux-latte” takes under 5 minutes to make, and will save lots of money when it comes to your morning beverage! Check out the video on IGTV for exactly how to make the latte!

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