Why Having a Fitness Buddy Works

January 24, 2022

Getting back on track or staying accountable and motivated can be tough – especially when you have so much going on outside of the fitness world! So, why exactly does having a fitness buddy work? I’m breaking it down for you…

Makes working out more fun!

Having a buddy to join you for a workout class, run next you on a treadmill, or climb the stairs with you makes things easier and definitely a lot more fun. You and your buddy can talk, laugh, encourage each other along the way – a serious, tough workout doesn’t have to be SO serious – it can be fun too! You may even find yourself enjoying it more, and looking forward to the next one!

Keeps you on track!

A workout buddy can also help keep you on track – who wants to disappoint their bestie by not showing up to a workout you’ve planned to go to together? You and your workout buddy are supporting each other every step of the way, and allowing for that consistency of daily or weekly workouts.

Motivation & Support:

Finding the right buddy who supports your goals, and motivates you to go that one extra step will help you reach your goals even faster. It makes a difference having that support when you’re trying to find the motivation within yourself.

Changes up the Workout:

You may roll your eyes when your friend wants to drag you to a workout that’s completely out of your comfort zone, but isn’t that kind of exciting? The benefit to a workout buddy is that he or she will pull you out of that zone that you’ve been staying in! You’ll try something new that may even surprise you how much you enjoy it!

Protect Your Form:

Not every fitness buddy is an expert, but a good one can help you with your form (and protect you from injury)! Even a quick look at your knees to make sure they are aligned with your ankles in a simple squat, or that your hips are in line with your shoulders in plank – you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not injured and in pain!

Don’t have a fitness buddy? No problem! The fitness community is one of the most supportive communities we’ve discovered here in Chicago! I’ve met a ton of Fit Friends through the Instagram platform itself, but I continue to meet people during every class we take.

Introduce yourself to the man or woman next to you! What’s their story!? It will surprise you how open they’ll be to meeting you!

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