Embrace Joy

January 24, 2022

As we ebb and flow through the tidal waves of emotions, my mantra reads: choose to embrace joy in the little things

There are the larger things in the world that are bringing down the vibrations, creating a grey cloud in our heads, and pushing us all to this darker world. But, then there’s the little things – a sunny day, a smile on the street, a new show on Netflix, a great book – that can bring so much joy that the larger things don’t cloud our minds.

When i wrote this mantra, I specifically placed the word CHOOSE in the mantra because it seems in a time like this, embracing joy has to be an active decision. We have to actively find the little things that bring us joy, bring them to the forefront of our minds, and truly embrace them.

For me, the little things include

  • An extra long cuddle with jakey
  • Making dinner for myself
  • Connecting more often with friends
  • FaceTimes with my fam [especially the nephews]
  • Working on my website & business
  • Online workouts at home
  • A walk around the neighborhood

My action for you:

Take a seat & close your eyes

Think of just one little thing that currently brings you joy

Hold on to it as if you have it in your hands

Bring that close to your heart

As you begin to inhale & exhale start to repeat: I choose to embrace the joy in the little things

Sending lots of love & joy your way!

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