Why I Love Peloton, too

January 24, 2022

Virtual fitness has been on the rise for the past few years. New apps and virtual programs are becoming a way of fitness – a way of life and posing a real competition for fitness studios around the country. Hence, the introduction of virtual fitness programs brought to you by some of your favorite studios. One of my personal favorites: Peloton.

Late last year, my father purchased asked my opinion on the Peloton bike – mentioning he hoped to increase his cardio without having to think of what exactly to do while still feeling motivated to do it. I was always a huge fan of Peloton since they opened in NYC – visiting their studio, and hoping (one day) I would own a bike myself. When my dad asked my opinion if he should get the bike, it was an easy YES for me (and it worked – he got the bike, and I reaped the benefits). I am lucky enough to have the second Peloton account, and second pair of cycling shoes!

So, we know how my obsession began, but why do I love the app and the bike? Let’s start with the bike: Hoping on the bike, you’re immediately set up with the screen in front of you featuring hundreds of Peloton classes – from 30 minutes to an hour of cycling classes varying from different genres, intensities, instructors – you name it, they’ve got a class for you. To this day, whenever I make it back to the burbs, I make sure I carve out 45 minutes to hop on this bike.

My dad then mentioned their app. How did I not think of this? I guess it’s because I don’t have a Peloton bike, treadmill or any of their equipment in my home gym. Even though I lack Peloton products (le sigh), I take the app to the gym with me and use it on the treadmill or the floor. Their app has 20-60 minute treadmill drills, strength training, yoga – literally it has it all.

Their runs are similar to their cycling classes – offering a huge variety of instructors, different levels of running and FUN runs! Their fun runs pair 20-30 minutes of awesome beats to an open level run – whatever your body is feeling, you do that. the instructors focus on form, how your feeling and keep your mind off of the workout.

This is just one app that I’ve really vibed with – and found it’s allowed me to switch up my workout on a snap. By just scrolling through their app, finding something that’s intrigued me, and doing it!

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