Watch the Sunset. It’s Good For You

January 26, 2022

A picture is worth a thousand words. What does a photo of a sunset convey to you? I bet you didn’t realize how beneficial a sunset can actually be! There are multiple studies that show watching a sunset can benefit your mental, emotional and physical health!

We seem to go out of our way on vacation – delay dinner, push back an activity or even set an activity around it – all just to watch the sunset, but why don’t we make time to watch the sunset every day? It does its job on a daily basis, but we take it for granted.

Not only are sunsets a beautiful scene to experience, there’s so many reasons why you should carve out the time to step outside, or look out a window and watch the sun set!

Slow Down

For just one moment, the moment you step outside and watch the sun fade over the horizon, it seems like time slows down, or maybe it seems like it almost stops. Researchers say that watching a sunset causes you to experience “awe”, and this awe allows you to be present, to be more patient and to slow your perception of time.

Get Outside!

Watching the sunset forces you to get outside, or to enjoy the outdoors! Let the outside fuel you, let it energize you – even if you go inside right after you watch the sunset!


We all want those 5, 10, 30 minutes where we’re not attached to our phone – right? We constantly aim to disconnect after a day on the computer working, or scrolling through instagram. After you capture the photo [we all know you will], put the phone down and watch the sun set over the horizon.

Spark Your Creativity

A sunset can inspire your creativity – it really can! How many times do you hear about the colors of the sunset in a song, or a book. The changing colors can help you imagine various things and spark even the slightest bit of creativity.

Appreciate the World

As you sit, stand and gaze at the sun setting, it inherently causes you to appreciate the world that surrounds us everyday, the environment that allows us breathe and allows us to love.

It’s the little things around us that can do us good, and spark even the smallest amount of joy. Enjoy these photos and let them spark joy and encourage you to watch the next sunset in your city! xx

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