Self Discovery

January 26, 2022

I always seem to be taking time to get to know myself on a deeper level. So I choose to simply use the word discovery for this week’s mantra.

Along this road to self-discovery, I have, and will have to overcome many hurdles, endure many smiles, and of course, make mistakes along the way.

I often try to be perfect and get everything right. This, similar to self-love, is a journey. This is a period of time where I will have to sit with discomfort, and have to show my feelings even when I want to hide. I know that I will have to answer the tougher questions, and come face to face with this questions, answers, and decisions.

I will also have to forgive. I will need to forgive myself for the desire to be perfect; forgive myself for the mistakes, and regrets; forgive myself for negative self talk; forgive others for wrongdoing. Just as important, I will need to say I’m sorry to those I have wronged.

Where do I start? I have to go back. I have to reflect. I have to take a look at my life, and ask:

  • What are the experiences that shaped me?
  • Where are the experiences that I get stuck on?
  • How can I move past them?

I have to believe. Taking a look at the beliefs I say I believe. What do they stand for? Do you live them day in and day out? Start believing. Start living them.

I have to be true. Be true to feelings, and emotions and not hide from them. Knowing that simply acknowledging my feelings, my truth, will only set me free even more.

I have to share. I have to open up and share my true story. The past can sometimes open up wounds we all didn’t even know we had. The past is hard, and as vulnerable as it can be, it needs to be heard.

I will have to look at myself in my own eyes. I will need to confront the ins and outs of what shapes me. I need to understand her, and acknowledge her.

So, why now? Why spend this time on self discovery? My answer: why not.

I have worked hard on my career, and finding my light. I worked at my practice. Now, it seems like it’s the right time to dig deeper in to me.

There is no better time than the present to discover yourself.

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