Replace Fear with Trust

January 26, 2022

This may seem simple, but it can also be quite complicated. Simply, replace fear with trust.

Throughout my journey of true self discovery, I’ve notice how fearful I am of certain things. The situations I make up and begin to believe.

These thoughts originally arose for me as I was booking my travel for a work trip. This was my first time on a plane since COVID and I was fearful of travel in general. As I was booking, I started to go down this hole of imaginary situations and my mind began to wander to darker, scarier places.

I then asked myself: what else do you fear?

As I journaled, I realized these most are out of my control.

Fear of getting COVID on a plane. Fear of rejection. Fear of death. Fear of loss. Fear of weight gain. Fear of robbery. Fear of…the list seemed to go on and on.

I first, noted that I recognize and I acknowledge these fears. The first step is to know that these are my fears and yes, some may seem irrational, but they are fears that live deep inside of me. What I knew, is that I must begin to take control over them. I must begin to trust that I can cope with them.

I sat there after journaling, and closed my eyes – reflecting on all that I had feared, and notated on the trust of coping with them.

The action:

Inhale trust – hold that in, soak it in.
Exhale fear – let it go, release it.

Notice when these fears arise, recognize when and where they surface. Ask yourself: in what situations do these fears arise most? Where in the body do these fears sit?

The more you know, the easier to cope. Trust in the universe that the fear will settle.

Inhale trust – take it all in.
Exhale fear – let it all go.

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