Note to Self

January 26, 2022

Sometimes we all need a little reminder: negative thoughts & experiences don’t last forever, nor do they need to. Let’s let the positivity triumph.

The pandemic has thrown everyone for a ride, we can’t deny that. I’ve read that maybe this was all meant to happen, or at least that’s what social media has said. I’ve read that COVID, riots, the uproar, has all happened to help us grow, to encourage less ignorance and to create a much needed change.

I continue to wonder that when we look back, will we say this was a negative experience? or will we come out of this noticing the positive pieces of it all?

For me, I know that I tent to focus on the negatives, but it’s not the healthiest, and it also can be draining. As I’ve reflected on this, I have worked to turn my negatives to positives

Some examples:

  • I felt lonelyI sought comfort in friends
  • I went thru a breakup I learned to love myself more
  • I pressed pause on a passion projectI focused on my practice
  • I felt helplessI created routine
  • My anxiety grewMy breath guided me through

As I look through what I’ve been through during this time, I know that it’s been very hard, but I am trying, putting in the much needed effort to find the positive, the light, through it all.

So I encourage you to ask yourself, whatever it is you went through during this time, above all of the environmental circumstances, can you find any positives in there? Can you find the lesson, the growth, or the change?

I often keep another reminder close to my heart: you determine your own perception. You have the power to see through the negativity even when it feels heavy.

You have the strength to push through any and all situations.

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