My Style of Yoga

January 26, 2022

As a yoga teacher, I often ebb and flow from my style of teaching. As I continue to educate myself, and learn more, my style evolves, my style changes. I also find myself shifting with the energy of students.

But, as I think of how I typically would describe myself as a yoga teacher, I use the words: strong, powerful, methodical and meaningful.

I love a strong flow – one that pushes the boundaries, makes you sweat, makes you tune out. I tend to have a very athletic style to my flows. Moving once together through the movements slow, allowing our bodies to truly feel the movements, and then flow twice linking our breath to the movements.

Through my teaching, I am to inspire men & women alike to find their inner light through mindful movement. Allowing students to get lost in their practice, while shutting down at the end and feeling invigorated, energized and ready for whatever the rest of the day has in store.

I recognize that while bodies need to move & gain strength, they also need rest, release & restoration. While my flows are very strength based, I am also working towards a certification in restorative, or yin. I am looking for the right teacher to take me there, but to offer a more well-rounded offering to those who find comfort with me.

My flows are unique – I push myself to develop new flows each class – even the slightest change can allow a student to see tremendous growth both physically and spiritually. I love creating playlists, and I always remind you to smile!

I encourage students to connect with me – tell me what they would like to see, what they liked about that flow and even what they didn’t like!

I am constantly growing, learning and evolving. That’s the beauty of yoga.

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