January 26, 2022

Sharing this mantra: I am regaining momentum on what matters most

I’ll be honest, as I’m sure most of you have felt this too, I’ve been grinding the pavement, but I’ve also lost a bit of steam throughout the pandemic.

I’ve often felt lost, down, uncertain. These motions seemed to halt movement on things like career, love, friendships. Now, more than ever, it’s time to regain momentum on things that matter – to me.

Have you ever felt you lost the groove on projects? That the wind in your sail died down little? That’s what happened to me. I was moving and moving, and then all of the sudden it stopped, without my really even realizing it. It’s like when you try to build a habit and up until day 15 you were cruising and then it stops, and you remember 5 days later.

But, better that I recognize this now. I discovered that now is the time to regain that momentum.

How do you regain momentum?

  • Take a step back. You’ll likely find the universe already did that for you (ie. the sail slows) and now you can understand why. This step back allows you to reflect, to review, and to see why you stopped, and where you stopped.
  • Become grounded in your thoughts, your visions, your goals. Truly, get grounded – what do these thoughts, visions and goals actually mean? How and when do they come in to place? What structure is needed to make them happen?
  • Reach out to an extender, a mentor, a friend. Ask these people for advice to get started, or where to pick up again. Ask them for their story, their visions, and for guidance.
  • Celebrate the small wins. Find one thing to celebrate. You can think of one!
  • Evaluate the why. Why the loss of momentum? Is it your environment? Is it your team? Critically analyze and think about the who or the what.

My most important piece of my advice, to you and to myself, is to not beat yourself up about the lost momentum. Simply, acknowledge it, review it over and move forward.

Momentum can easily be regained.

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