Let Your Light Shine

January 26, 2022

Simple, easy, and literally my saying day in and day out, but the focus this week: let your light shine

There‚Äôs no better time than now to find what lights you up and share it with the world. During quarantine, we’ve seen so many people share their effervescent lights, their gifts – from workouts, to webinars, to posts – it seems everyone is sharing their truths.

There is always room for more.

Your own, unique, individual light is likely quite different than mine – isn’t that rad? What lights you up, what gives you light, what you share and what you emulate is different than mine, yet we can touch so many people just by letting it simply shine.

Are you still not quite sure what lights you up? Start experimenting. For example, do you enjoy doodling? Keep doodling! Do you like cooking? Try new recipes! Do you love dancing? Shake it out! Are you the best photographer? Simply snap snap snap! Alright, you get the picture! But, start experimenting with those things you enjoy, and you’ll start to find what lights you up.

For me, teaching yoga & learning new areas of fitness and wellness light me up. Thinking about the bigger picture, and a bigger project – building upon what I already know – that lights me up!

When I am teaching, I feel a spark. Anytime I talk about fitness, I feel light – it feels natural.

So, turn the switch up. Move from dim to bright and let your inner light – that fierce fire that’s inside of you – let it shine!

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