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January 26, 2022

You see the parallel, but let’s get down to the why.

My family took a girls trip (mom, sisters, aunt) to Vegas.

  1. We love Vegas
  2. We love tattoos

While walking around, my oldest sister said “let’s get tattoos” and what did we do – just that! I’m someone who loves tattoos – I think they’re just beautiful – but I wanted something meaningful, spiritual, and of importance. As I began to think about what I wanted, an arrow came to mind, and so I began to draw.

After many iterations, I eventually landed on the arrow above – here’s the breakdown:

  • The arrow points down: to always keep me grounded
  • The circle: to remind me to stay open, in my heart, mind and spirit
  • The triangle marker: that’s just a little something for Jakey – I didn’t want a paw print, but I wanted him somehow represented because he makes me whole

I wanted this incorporated in to my logo because it felt right. I want Jordan Hana Wellness to always remain grounded, yet experience growth, and to always be open to opportunities, experiences, connections, and anything that comes my way.

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