I am Enough

January 26, 2022

I took a survey and asked “what are you struggling with”.

The answer I heard most was: a feeling of purposelessness. This feeling of doing, but not producing enough.

Simply said: I hear this, and if you are feeling this, you are not alone. We all are going through the same emotions, struggles, and desires. Again, you are not alone in how you are feeling.

When I thought about a mantra, there isn’t one mantra, one intention, or even one goal to make us all “un” feel this. But, the clear answer, the clear mantra for myself is:

I am enough

Do this with me. Say to yourself: I am enough. Believe it: I am enough.

During this strange time, we have hours, days, and time to sit and think, to reflect, to criticize our every move. We ask ourselves why didn’t we use that hour to accomplish this? why didn’t we do that during that break?

Stop. Take a big belly breath in. And, remember, you are enough.

The simple learning of you are enough isn’t something that comes easy. Things that are hard, we tend to want to push aside, but it’s almost harder to make it your focus for the week. Keeping it as an active remember that everything you are doing is just enough for that day, that week, this time.

This week’s action:

Grab a pen & sticky note.

On the note write: “I am enough”.

Hold the note to your heart.

Know that you are good enough, deserving enough, capable enough, smart enough, doing enough, whatever it is enough.

Place this sticky note on your mirror.

Every morning this week, look at it, and repeat it to yourself. Each time you look at yourself, repeat it. Anytime you catch yourself doubting, say it out loud.

You. Are. Enough. I. Am. Enough.

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