Entering My 30s

January 26, 2022

It seems that turning 30 has become a “thing” – you enter in to your 30s, leaving your 20s behind, and it seems like it’s this hurdle, this big age, this scary moment, but does it have to be?

I keep thinking, why is this such a big deal? Why is this whole “turning 30” thing such a big moment? I think it’s because your 20s feel like this roller coaster of ups, downs, growth moments and serious self discovery. There’s been failed and fostered relationships, emotional highs, learnings, confusion and a wonderful abundance.

I think about my personal, interpersonal, professional, spiritual [you name it] goals, desires, manifestations. It feels exciting to turn the page to something new.

As I reflect on my 29 years of life, I think about what I want to leave behind, and the lessons I want to take with me.

I leave behind self doubt. I bring with me the self love & deserve and have fostered these last 29 years

I leave behind toxic relationships. I take with me the beautiful friendships that have supported me & grown

I leave behind not feeling good enough. I take with me “I am enough”

I leave behind feeling the “shoulds”. I take with me knowing i am exactly where I am meant to be

I leave behind saying yes to things that don’t serve me. I take with me the ability to say no

I let go of people pleasing. I take with me the ability to say no

I leave behind valuing others opinions over my own. I ake with me the acknowledgement of others opinions, but knowing mine is as important, if not more

I leave behind the idea of perfection [hello fellow virgos]. I scoop up the idea of playfulness

I leave behind imposter syndrome. I take with me the knowledge we are all individually unique

I enter 30 with full open arms. I welcome it. I’m ready for it.

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