Be Positive

January 26, 2022

Mantras may seem like they switch from topic to topic, but from self discovery, to trust, everything is intertwined, mixed and matched with one another, and helps me to grow, to learn, and to expand. This week, my mantra reads be positive. be easy. there is enough for all.

As we enter in to a holiday week, a long weekend, I tend to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety – the indulgences, the decisions. Sometimes, a long weekend can get to be a bit overwhelming, when it should be rather relaxing. Things like: What will I do over this time? Do i want to do that? Should I actually eat that? Do I need to work out extra? Do I want to eat that?

We all have a choice. We have a choice to focus on these little things and let them overwhelm you, or to be easy on yourself and realize [and believe] there is room for everything you want to do, no matter what that is.

As we break down the mantra itself, we see:

  • Be positive: positive self talk, positive talk to others, looking at situations, even the tough ones, and seeing a light of positivity through it
  • Be easy: know that it’s okay to slow things down, to keep it simple, and to just release a bit of the pressure – trust yourself to know how to do this
  • There is enough for all: stem from a place of abundance rather than scarcity as you travel through situations – there is room for everything in your life as long as you make room for it, and want it

This week, that’s my focus. I bring my former mantras along with me, because those too last longer than just one week.

Whatever the focus of your week, spin it bright, spin it positive, and make it breezy.

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