Be Kind to Yourself

January 26, 2022

How often are you actually kind to yourself? So often we lack kindness, and can often be our worst critic, our number one downer. So today, I encourage you: be kind to yourself.

During my self reflection and meditation, I realized how hard I am on myself. From the sole focus of the negative things others have said to me, to things that I myself have said to and about myself, I realized how hard, how mean I was to me.

I asked myself, “would you say this to your best friend” “would you say this to someone you love” “would your best friend talk this way about you” “would someone who loves you make you feel this way”. All of the answers were no.

It’s so easy to reflect and focus on all of the negative things that you’ve heard. But, now, I am changing the conversation, and actively aiming to be kind to myself. I am taking action, like simply looking back at myself and repeating something loving, kind, nice about me – to me! I am working to surround myself with those who uplift me and make me feel my very best. I, in turn, am going to do that for them!

The practice of self compassion, is never easy, but it can be done!

The action:

Write yourself a letter – choose to describe a tough situation, or something you’re incredible proud of.

When you write the situation, write in the voice of your best friend, your kindest friend. Write as the friend who acknowledges your feelings, without judgment.

Read it back to yourself.

Be that person to yourself.

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