30 Lessons for 30 Years

January 26, 2022

The day is here. I’m officially 30 – a new decade, a new chapter.

I keep thinking, why is this such a big deal? Why has “turning 30” become such a big thing? I think it’s because your 20s feel like this roller coaster of ups, downs, growth moments and a period of serious self discovery. And maybe my the first 29 years of my life were there to teach me a lot, and this next decade is for doing – taking action.

As I reflect on these years, here are 30 lessons for 30 years of my life:

  1. Home is where the heart isIt matters where you live. Right after college I moved to New York for 5 years. Although I loved every second of being out east, it wasn’t until I moved home to Chicago that things felt right. Having my family nearby was a sense of comfort, ease, and it seemed something lifted off my shoulders.
  2. Friends come and go. and that’s okay.As we grow older, we change, and so do others. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that an end to a friendship, or a distance between the two of you, is maybe best for you, or for them. Every person that comes through your life has a specific reason for being in your life.
  3. Self care is not selfish.Self care doesn’t have to be masks, an hour long meditation, a bubble bath, massage, or things you see on #selfcaresunday. Simply listening to your body, your mind, even just sitting with your own breath – whatever makes you happy. Self care is a way to get to know yourself better, show you are worthy of loving yourself, and a way to empower you even more.
  4. Build habits that promote your best lifestyleOur daily habits lead to goals, those goals help us accomplish our dreams. By building healthy habits, and incorporating them in to our daily lives, we get closer to living our best life.
  5. Be KindThey say what you put out in to the world is what will come back to you. Using kindness over anger is always the answer.
  6. You are enoughLearning to know that you are enough isn’t something that comes easy. To actively remember, we have to practice that everything you are doing is just enough for that day, that week, this time. As humans, we seem to put an abundance of pressure on our shoulders, but no one else expects as much as we expect of ourselves. Give yourself a break.
  7. More love, less judgmentWe can be the harshest critic, of ourselves and of others. Move forward with more love, more compassion, and let judgment float away.
  8. Manifestation is REALThis year specifically, I have been setting intentions, mantras, manifesting and imagining. I have seen so much come to fruition as I manifest more. Imagining and believing in your deepest desires, allows the universe to start acting on them, and YOU yourself to start acting on them. I have manifested a lot for the next few years, and I can’t wait to see what comes of them.
  9. Value your opinion over othersNo one knows you like you know yourself. You determine your own destiny.
  10. Compare less. Everyone is unique in their ownBeing on instagram and sharing my own life allows for a lot of vulnerability, but can also cause a lot of comparison. While scrolling through the gram, or even walking on the street, things can cause an inner rumbling of jealousy, or curiosity to why you’re not like that. What helps is knowing and believing that everyone is unique in their own – everyone has a unique perspective, a story to share, and there is room in the universe for all of it.
  11. You are worthyI’m leaving this here because we tend to forget how worthy we are of everything we desire and more.
  12. Be present during moments that matterTechnology has allowed us to transport to somewhere else while being physical in another place. I try to put down my phone during dinners, while someone is speaking, and at a reasonable hour. I’m not perfect, but we can try!
  13. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonelyBeing single at the age of 30, can make you feel lonely. Being single at any age can do this. But learning to be alone, feel okay being alone, can help you feel so fulfilled. Being alone can actually be fun, you can learn more about yourself, and can only strengthen you for your future.
  14. Trust your gutThe more you learn to listen to your gut, your instincts, the more you will feel fulfilled, accomplished and overall strong in who you are.
  15. Balance is keyThere’s no perfect equation to life. It can be tremendously helpful for health and wellness, but also productivity, career, friendships, and overall self esteem.
  16. Discover and unveil what lights you up. For me, teaching yoga and learning fitness has become my passionA huge lesson I’ve learned is discovering what lights you up. I never thought that developing flows, sequences, musicality, would become the highlight of my days! I love helping others work towards a goal, build upon their practice, and connect with them!
  17. Keep learningFrom others, from books, from the internet. Never stop being curious.
  18. Work hard, play hardSimple, yet true. Life can’t be all about work.
  19. Failure is necessary for growthWe are taught not to fail, but i’m learning it’s okay to. Every time you fail, you learn something new, to help propel you to the next step. Be cautious tho not to repeat the asme failures over and over again – reflect on the failure and take the necessary step to take away something from it.
  20. The past does not define youI have learned that I often reflect on the past and harp on the negatives – the regret, resentment, whatever else I feel I “should not” have done. I’m learning the past doesn’t define me. It influences where I am today, but it’s always evolving and changing just as much as I am.
  21. Own your achievementsI, for one, sometimes downplay my achievements to not “brag” or “boast” but why as humans can we not celebrate our own accomplishments? Pat yourself on the back.
  22. Recognize your strengths as well as your weaknessesWe seem to be able to talk about the negative over the positive. I heard on a podcast that science says when we wake up the first thought tends to be a negative one – the “I don’t want to work out today” “ugh, I have so much work to do” “this is going to be a long day”. We’re programmed this way. So why not change the narrative. Recognize the areas you rock at, and the ones you need to work on.
  23. Communication is important.Words can be so powerful. Recognize how your words affect others. I’ve noticed sometimes it’s easier for me to journal my thoughts before actually speaking them (not always the case), but communication in all types of relationships (personal and professional) is important.
  24. Your inner goddess has a place in this worldLet him or her shine – don’t dim it.
  25. Anxiety affects everyone differentlyI used to be ashamed of taking medication for my anxiety. I even asked to get off of my medication because society says we can handle anxiety with other methods. I am however someone who needs medication to balance my inner anxiety, and that’s okay. What works for me may not work for others, and what works for others may not work for me! I’m all about finding that balance, but also figuring out what makes me feel my absolute best. No one should or CAN shame you for doing what makes you feel your best, and what helps you most.
  26. Stand up for what mattersFor so long, we’ve been quiet. There are so many issues evolving around us and NOW is the time to speak, take action, and educate yourself.
  27. Honor your inner childBe playful. Be curious. Be spontaneous. Let yourself be silly.
  28. Know when to say sorryRespect yourself and others, and know when to apologize.
  29. Life has so much to offerIt does.
  30. I’m still figuring it outI don’t know it all just yet, but I’m learning every day, growing every day, exploring every day. I, like you, am figuring it all out.

I truly feel blessed, loved, special. Here’s to thirty, flirty and absolutely 150% thriving.

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