Benefits of Lemon Water

January 24, 2022

Lemon water is all the rage these days – and I’m hooked. I start most days with warm lemon water! I love this easy, warming, & soothing drink, and there are so many benefits:

These are just a few..

1. Improves Digestion

Warm water helps by flushing out toxins, and helps to break down the food in your tummy and keep your digestion on track. It can help increase the circulation inside your stomach helping it break down food as they pass through your intestines – helping keep you digestion and bowels functioning normally! This is more about the warm water than the lemon itself.

2. Vitamin C

Most citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C and we typically think of oranges when we think of Vitamin C. Lemons aren’t high on the Vitamin C scale, but they still have some, and can help Improve immune system & aid in sickness.

3. Potassium

Again, lemon isn’t the first food you think of when you’re lacking potassium – you usually think bananas. Lemons can help increase your potassium intake, and can lessen any muscle cramps. We wouldn’t name this a MAJOR benefit, but definitely can help!

4. Keeps your Hydrated

This is pretty simple, water keeps you hydrated – but if water isn’t your thing, lemon water can help promote an increased intake of water – a win win!

5. Mental Health

Again, more of the benefit of water – can help optimize your mood and help increase your memory – who would have thought?!

6. Adds a little flavor to boiling water

If you’re a person who finds water to be boring and unappealing (my parents are BIG on adding flavor to water), adding a lemon slice or your favorite fruit can help spice up H20!

I know this isn’t any “new” information, but as the health trends advance, it’s sometimes easy to forget that fruits and vegetables – nutrition – can cure + provide so many natural nutrients to your body!

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